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Antique Deco Russian 875 Silver Baltic Butterscotch Amber Cufflinks

Russian Art Deco Gilded 875 Silver
These unique cuff links are in great condition!
The cufflinks stamped on the base for sterling silver 875 and a Soviet Star with hammer and sickle in the middle indication that this cufflinks were made during the Early Soviet Era, circa 1950s, also have a manufacturer mark

Metal stamp 875 silver
Metal Sterling silver
Material Sterling silver, Amber
Gem Type Opaque Gemstones
Height 2.3 cm (0.90 inches)
Width 1.4 cm (0.60 inches)
Length 2,.2 cm (0.90 inches)
Total weight ~10.4 Grams
Number of stones 2
Gemstones Information
Stone shape Special cut oval
Minimum color Honey
Cut ideal-cut
Stone Creation Method Natural
Stone Treatment Method Hands

Antique Deco Russian 875 Silver Baltic Butterscotch Amber Cufflinks
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Date: 2012-06-23 | Added by: Farizejs
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1 Maria  
Yes and no. It is per oz, but it is per Troy oz which is different to a nomral ounce. Go figure. A troy ounce is 32.15 grams (I might be wrong, I'm working from memory it might be 32.14 grams, I forget).Bear in mind though, that the silver price quoted is always for the scrap value. Ingots and bars will have a premium over that price and if the bar is rare or collectible, that premium might be substantial. You need to do a lot of individual investigation. Coins will have the underlying scrap price but usually hold some sort of numismatic value too. This is an area into which you really need to research hard and invest carefully. It is not really a place for real beginners.

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